Family Faith Formation is Catholic religious education for Pre-K (4) through 12th grade.  This program is open for all children.  You do not need to be Catholic to attend, but must be interested in learning more about the faith and engaged in building traditions and community.  Our church has its roots in Jesus. When Jesus was here, he gathered in community with others, often around the table. When we gather at Eucharist, it makes a difference when we know the other people in the pews. Participating in Faith Formation allows us to grow together as one strong, caring community.  Consider the answers to these five statements:

I want my children to have friends at church.

Our friends play an important role in our lives and the lives of our children. They challenge us, question us, and influence our decisions. By giving our children an opportunity to discover and nurture friendships within our faith community, we are enabling them to journey towards a stronger faith, hand-in-hand.

I can’t do this alone. There is so much to know about the Catholic church.

Vatican II tells us that, as parents, we are the first and foremost teachers in our children’s lives. It can be frightening to take on this responsibility alone, especially if we don’t feel as if we know enough, so our parish community is here to help your family on your faith journey. We offer classes and support for any age and at all levels. Just contact us!

I really need that weekly hour of quiet in my life.

It’s true. We, as parents, need a little time to nurture our faith as well. Take this opportunity after leaving your children with us to gather with other parents for coffee, have a quick date with your spouse, join in an adult faith formation session, or spend some time in prayer.

I want my child to have a strong relationship with God.

If we want our children to be good musicians, we sign them up for lessons and encourage them to practice. If we want our children to become good athletes, we sign them up for sports and encourage them to practice.

So, how do we have this program broken down?

Children will be grouped by grade depending on enrollment numbers in the elementary grades. Middle school grades 6-8 will join together in the Edge program.  High School grades 9-12 will join together in the Life Teen Program. 

A select group of youth “Youth Council” will head up our youth program and assist in elementary grades as well as participate in the “Unleashed” program for confirmands to enrich and grow their personal relationship with Christ and discern how to use the gifts entrusted to them from God.

We invite you to join us, every Wednesday evening from September thru May.  Registration is available, late summer, with your login to Parish Soft or by completed the registration here.

Watch Mass as a family! Click here to view the Mass schedule.

Programs for Youth and Family

RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children)

RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) These classes are for children seeking more information about the Catholic faith.  These classes assist those individuals who feel that the Catholic faith is where they have found peace and have developed a desire to grow in their relationship with God by seeking baptism and initiation into the Roman Catholic Church. You are welcome to stay after attending 9 am Mass on one of our scheduled dates.

If you would like to become a catechist or volunteer with the youth preparing for the Rite of Christian Initiation, please contact [email protected].