Financial Support


"For even when I was at Thessalonica you sent me something for my needs,
not only once but more than once.
It is not that I am eager for the gift;
rather, I am eager for the profit that accrues to your account."

— Philippians 4:16–17

Many people give generously in order to make Sacred Heart a vibrant parish. There are many ways to support the great work being done:

Cash gifts
Please make checks payable to "Sacred Heart Catholic Church" and mail them to:

        Sacred Heart Catholic Church
        538 Central Boulevard
        Danville, VA 24541

Offertory envelopes  
Please contact the parish office if you would like to use weekly envelopes.

Automatic withdrawal
With this preferred method of Offertory giving, your contribution is automatically withdrawn from your checking account and sent to Sacred Heart each month. This enables the parish to better estimate its income, and ensures that your monthly offering will not be missed when you travel.

Gifts of stocks and/or bonds are greatly appreciated. If you wish to make this sort of contribution, assistance is available.

Tributes and memorials
Tribute and memorial donations provide a unique way to remember relatives and friends. Parishioners can purchase leaves on the “Giving Tree,” which is located in the commons, and have them inscribed with the name of a loved one.

Planned giving
Every parish must consider its long-term financial condition. By including the parish in your will, living trust, life-insurance policy, or retirement plan, you can ensure that Sacred Heart will continue its work for years to come.

For additional information about how you can support the parish financially, contact Mary Foley,
the director of Administration and Finance.